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The Quest ebook cover

New! THE QUEST  In a parallel universe, dragons are used for fuel and the people who understand them are feared as spies and traitors. Dorissa and Menilly, estranged sisters descended from the dragon-people, are desperate to find their runaway brother before he falls victim to the urban underworld. But the mysterious Mr Beringer believes they are the only key to saving the country from revolution. Who can be trusted in a fog-bound city, which simmers with unrest and deceit?

MURDER BRITANNICA: It’s AD 190AD in what is now broadly north of Cardiff. Romano-Briton Lucretia is determined that her get-rich-quick scheme will not be undermined by minor things like her husband’s death, dubious imposters or her married daughter’s fascination with a celebrity gladiator. But when the deaths start to mount up, local wise-woman Tryssa starts to ask questions.

THE CLUTTERING DISCOMBOBULATOR: the story of a man who never quite grows up and the family caught up in the chaos. Extract from reviews: ‘I’m sure, like me, you’ll find yourself edging him on to cause more havoc to his long-suffering family.’…’subtle humour and some killingly hilarious insights…Very cleverly constructed, this is a gem.’…’ you’ll forget about the dishes in the sink and the dust on the bookshelves’…’humorous but very affectionate ….This is a lovely book!’ To find out the background to the book, click here

KINDLING: a collection of stories from the wild imagination.      Extracts from reviews: ‘Some were emotional and others were magical, but all of them were gripping and enjoyable reads…I adore this collection of stories. I smiled, I cried and I was amazed. Each story has been cut and polished to perfection…go on spoil yourself!… This book is well worth the money, It is packed tight with short stories, each one a little gem in its own right. Secondly, this book is charming in its quirkiness. …Really enjoyed the mixture of short stories. Made a nice change from reading a full on novel. Imaginative but also very real. Loved it…. A truly delightful mix of short stories….I loved the variety of the stories in this book – some set in the past, some in the future and some straddling the two! Imaginative, unexpected, challenging…’

THE ADVENT CALENDARImagine an old fashioned advent calendar. Imagine that there’s a picture behind each door. What if each picture told a story about Christmas, not the way it’s hyped, but the way it is, or can be or could be.         Extracts from reviews: Some of the stories are emotional and thought provoking, while others are magical and full of Christmassy spirit…What you don’t expect is the themes of the stories, so wide and varied….The stories are beautify crafted, and some will make you melt, some will set you on edge but each will have you eager to turn the page…Wow! A little bit of everything for everyone. Happy, sad, humorous, all of them definitely thought-provoking.’

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Cover credits:

Paula Harmon with credit for the image ‘Ancient Roman Mosaic of a Young Woman’ to (c) Neil Harrison (The Cluttering Discombobulator)

Kindling: with credit for ‘Double exposure portrait’ (c) Lenanet via

The Advent Calendar’s cover was designed by Paula Harmon with image from Pixabay.

The Quest’s cover was designed by Paula Harmon with credit for ‘Beautiful Girl’ (c) Elena Gladkaya and  Victorian Street 2’ (c) Unholyvault via Font: Cinzel and Cinzel Decorative by Natanael Gama (font squirrel).






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